I did not create this generator.

Example outcome:


Go to this site & fill in your links/names etc. You can also choose whether you want a ‘go’ button or not.

You then need to press ‘generate’

You can then preview the menu by clicking on show me the Drop-Down Menu!

Once you’re happy you need to copy the code into your description/ theme code where you want the menu you to be.

(Source AND CREDIT: theamazingtutorials)


Theme #3 by mysansa
live preview / code 1 
Theme features:
Single column 500px posts
1 sidebar image: 200x500px (preferred but will resize probably)
6 custom links (if not using all links, block will hide)
Please like/reblog if using. Don’t remove credit. <3
If you need help with editing etc. ask away


text tricks; click the <html> button in the corner


<small> makes things smaller. the more <small> you use, the smaller it gets.

<big> same applies with big

<sup> makes things go up up up up

<sub> makes things go down down down down

<u> makes


Hey Tumblr! It’s been awhile :)Early Easter BG. Downloadable tiles on Deviantart. Click Here, or image to go to!
could u do a tut on a chat box?:)


yees I will right here, I posted a brief one but it was, well, brief. Ehm so first thing you go to this website: http://cbox.ws/ , and make an account. It’s free for the general option.

Once you’re in the site, look for a link near the top called “Look & Feel”. This is where you can change the size and colors of your chat box! Under this link, they also have an option that says “Edit CSS”, which is like editing your blog html underneath <style>.

When you’re done, click another top link that says “Publish” and it will give you all the instructions you need to put your chat box on your blog. c:


Hey guys I updated my transparent redux theme! I fixed a few glitchy things and made it look neater.

preview + features // code

my ask is always open if you have any questions and heres some nice backgrounds to use! 
can you help me get my tumblr music player as a widget on my sidebar?


http://www.sheepproductions.com/billy/ has a great tiny music player! Another thing you can do is go to http://www.hypster.com/!

1. Make a playlist and then go to customize your playlist, pick your colors and all that.

2. Copy your embed code. Make sure to delete the part at the end that links back to hypster.com, it starts with <a href…..> and is located at the very bottom of the code.

3. The part that makes this music player different from a regular hypster player is when you change the height to 15 and the width to 50 in the code you’re looking at, you get a nice tiny little player that looks something like this:


Live Preview ✿ Code
This theme has:
Optional faded images2 columns4 LinksWrap around descriptionLace at the top 
it’s similar to theme 7 i guess
base code from nancy, please like if you decide to use it.